Thursday, February 28, 2013

the uses of the media

The talk among the D.C and NY twitter set that I follow was having a lot of fun about Bob Woodward and the "threats" from Politico. The story was complete nonsense but any excuse to navel-gaze and people are on it. Today, there was a real media story. Bradley Manning, who as Ali Abunimah quite reasonably put it, is basically President Obama's political prisoner, had tried to contact both the New York Times and the Washington Post with his information. Nobody got back to him.  As Ali Abunimah also puts it, would he be in prison if they had ran the stories instead of Wikileaks?
Or as Jon Schwarz tweeted:
The NY Times CAN: employ Thomas Friedman & David Brooks & help start the Iraq War. The NY Times CAN'T: return Bradley Manning's phone calls.
It's easy to dismiss the papers like the Times and the Post as dying mediums but they have a lot of resources which, on occasion can be put to good use.

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